Friday, August 17, 2012

1.3.1, ερτυθ ιοπας δφγη & Gamescom 2012

Today I was considering several things to do with my upcoming Minecraft series. What should it be called, what's it about, what mods will use? I eventually narrowed it down to 1.3.1 mods, as they're the most recent & the 1.3.1 update has more features. Also I've decided to use the map from ερτυθ ιοπας δφγη: ξκλζχψω βνμε ρτυθιοπ in Minoria. As the game progresses & I update it more, I shall add new maps & new locations for the players to explore. Also the Safebox newsletter continued this week with a Gamescom issue. Horus stated that he wasn't fond of the games at Gamescom hence the lack of games in the Top News section.

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