Wednesday, August 29, 2012

War of Gods, Infinite Error Loop & Pet Turtle

Managed to guard Admin Island against normal users. Hacker & I had a fight however because he claims one of the plugins is causing errors. We had what I would call a War of Gods, he kicked & banned me, I undid his damage, kicked him then unopped him. He still had access to the console & forced the server to restart. Fortunately the other two players & I quit & joined the game again before he restart it so when we joined everything was fine. Hacker on the other hand lost all build activity since his last login. We eventually cleared things up but not too soon after we all disconnected with time out errors. Originally I thought the hosts were updating their servers but eventually a member of support contacted me claiming that it was someone's redstone contraption that had cause an infinite error loop (eg. setting a timer to turn itself on). I deleted the world & replaced it with one from Hacker & mine's private server. I worldguarded Admin Island again & created a better spawn. I also gave myself a pet turtle from the ComputerCraft mod. Still trying to figure out LUA code that will let it go to specific co-ordinates.

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