Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mann VS Machine, Saving Space & Episode One

I took today off from working on any of my projects to play the Mann VS Machine TF2 update. I waited an hour & a half just to join a server (behind 7683 people) which had 3 seconds left on the clock. I eventually figured a way to play an MvM match by creating a server with the map which had downloaded when I was on the other server. Long story short, you don't need 6 players for an MvM match. You need a f*cking army, I mean seriously, they just keep coming O_O !

Back to game development, I'm using the Last Days Revival Minecraft texture pack for the Minoria update. Also I'm attempting to make the Minoria world as open as I can by using only two maps. One for the outdoors & one for the building interiors.

Over the past few days I've been making several tweets about the status of my upcoming Minecraft Tekkit series. The first episode will be uploaded on the closest Saturday to 31st August (which is the one year anniversary of Safebox) & the uncut version (aka the behind the scenes version) on the following Sunday. I'll be uploading an episode every week. That's it for tonight's blog post, see you all tomorrow!

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